The idea of VITU emerges over a Christmas diner in Ho Chi Minh City, in 2017. Eric brings to Thomas’ home two jars of foie gras from France, to find out that Thomas made his own foie gras in his kitchen.

Thomas is a kitchen wizard, creative and passionate about healthy foods. He is an independant character who makes experiments on his own. Eric, who is a hard-working professional, stands for values and cares for sharing. He believes that luxury should remain simple.

While comparing, Thomas’ home-made foie gras turns out to taste far better than the imported, factory-made product. The home-made foie gras is natural, without preservatives, while the other contains sulfites.

The two new associates decide to focus on quality and authenticity. They immediately test various livers from the South-West of France, different cooking techniques and seasonings. They finalize their signature Jar recipe, and VITU was born.

Made in Vietnam

Ever since, VITU is commited to delivering premium, traditional French South-West foie gras, prepared and cooked in Vietnam.

Foie gras is a good source of vitamins (A, B12) and healthy nutrients (iron, selenium)… Share it with your friends and family!